Walk & Fun Run


An amazing event that will strain muscles, raise awareness and fill tummies, the Hunger Stomp is a fun 5k race in Cheney, WA you simply cannot miss!

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The Benefit


Two exquisite organizations that dedicate themselves to stomping hunger year round, Cheney Food Bank and Feed Cheney, will receive all proceeds from the Hunger Stomp.

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Could you imagine the mouths you'll feed, the awareness you'll bring and the new friends you'll make? Lace 'em up and stomp hunger! Register online

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Hunger Stomp

hun·ger [huhng-ger]

1. a compelling need or desire for food.
2. the painful sensation or state of weakness caused by the need of food: to collapse from hunger.
3. a shortage of food; famine.

stomp [stomp]

1. to strike or beat with a forcible, downward thrust of the foot.
2. to bring (the foot) down forcibly or smartly on the ground, floor, etc.
3. to extinguish, crush, etc., by striking with a forcible downward thrust of the foot (followed by out ): to stomp out a fire.